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John Gillespie – a name that stands for passion in the hairdressing business, true craftsmanship, strong business orientation and two tremendously successful salons with a strong focus on hair care. For more than 20 years he has been working in the hairdressing business. His work has given him great experience and a deep understanding of different clients' needs, hair types and nationalities, which he loves to share with other hairdressers.

John has travelled all over the world and has visited over 50 countries in his professional career. Furthermore, he works as an educator and trainer, and not only in his own salons. Besides being a talented hairdresser and salon owner, he is also a motivational speaker, session and platform stylist, product spokesperson and TV presenter.

Since 2013 John Gillespie has been Global Care Ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional, sharing his love for hair care.

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About John Gillespie